Endoskop - USB - 5,5mm - 2mtr - 6 LED's


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Mini Endoskop - USB - 5,5mm - 2mtr - 6 LED's - Dimmbar

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1.Only works with Android 4.0 system and above Android 4.0 system phone, does Not support IOS system;
2.Your Android Phone must support OTG function, and must support to connect external camera.
( Huawei, HTC, Coolpad, BBK, VIVO, Lenovo and other phones which shield the external camera. Please confirm your phone carefully according to the form. )
3.We don’t list all phones, because there are so much Android system phone. You can refer to the picture .
Please carefully check your phone before purchasing, or we'll not be responsible due to the reasons .
4.Of course, working on the phone is just a part of the function, if you can not use it on the phone, you can use it on the computer.
How to detect whether the phone has OTG function:
1. You need to have an OTG cable.
2. Use the OTG line to connect phone with some equipment , such as keyboard, mouse, U disk, and you can use it normally, it expressed the phone has OTG function.
-High resolution with 1/9 CMOS camera.
-Built-in 6 LED light (with Brightness and take Photo Control)
-Waterproof wire endoscope
-With a 5.5mm camera head.
-Photo shooting and video recording.
-Camera head outer diameter: 5.5mm.
-Pixels: 300000 pixels ON phone,1300000 pixels ON Computer
-Resolution: 640*480,1280*480(only on Computer)30 ftps
-LED: 6 White LED Bright light.
-Focal distance: 6cm-infinate.
-Waterproof level: IP67.
-Support systems: Android /Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 /Windows7 / Windows8
-Temperture: -20 ~ 60 Degree.
-Cable length: 2M
User method:
Scan the QR code on the Manual to install APP, or from CD install APP ,or download link to install APP ,then  an icon appears on mobile desktop, click on the icon, the product is available to use.
It's very easy to operate this android endoscope, just download an App and inserted the endoscope in your device, the App will automatic recognition it, start to use now !
We provide two software for everyone to choose, more convenient for your use,And the phone can be used to get more models.
Package Included:
1 * Mini USB Endoscope
1 * Small hook
1 * Magnet
1 * Side audition
1* Manual

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