6 Ohm 50Watt Load Weerstand (set)


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6 Ohm 50Watt Load weerstand. Lost CAN-Bus errors op bij gebruik van LED verlichting.

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Resistance: 6 Ohm
Voltage: 12v
Dimension: approx. 50x22x17mm(1.97x0.9x0.6 inch)

They connect across the Turn Signal / Parking Running, Brake Tail stop light to simulate the current load of a regular filament bulb 

To solve the problems such as hyper / error flashing, no flashing or burnt out bulb indication / error message of aftermarket installed LED lighting lamp bulb
One load resistor is required for each turn signal bulb / circuit equipped with LED lighting
Please be aware the LED load resistor will be very hot and work in high temperature; Do Not mount on plastic or material with low heat resistance
2 resistors  + 4 wire clips

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