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    STYX-12 ist ein Industrie-PA12-Nylonfilament, das hervorragende mechanische, chemische und hygroskopische Eigenschaften mit Druckbarkeit verbindet.

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    This Eurocel PET Tape is a siliconic based polyester tape, which has an excellent adhesion to the (heated) platform of any desktop 3D printer. Because of its high thermal resistance this Eurocel PET Tape creates an ideal surface for 3D prints where a heated printbed is required. After printing your printed objects can easily be removed from this tape.

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    Good adhesion of your print to the printbed is a must in 3D printing! In order to keep your object fixed during printing and avoid warping, there is now DimaFix - Pen. DimaFix Pen is a new product based on the Dimafix - Fixative Spray (an aerosol spray adhesive for 3D printers with a heated printbed, which prevents warping of large-scale objects).

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    Digital-Messschieber 150mm

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Zeige 1 - 4 von 4 Artikeln