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Pellets EasyFil™ PLA - Dark Blue


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Our unique EasyFil™ PLA compound is now also available in pellets.
With Formfutura EasyFil™ PLA pellets you will be able to extrude your own EasyFil™ PLA filament, or 3D print EasyFil™ PLA with a pellet extrusion 3D printer.

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EasyFil™ PLA pellets are based upon exactly the same compound as our EasyFil™ PLA filament and are carefully pelletized in small granules, which will ensure a homogenious processing in small(er) home extruders and pellet extrusion 3D printers.
As our EasyFil™ PLA pellets are based upon our defined and pre-coloured EasyFil™ PLA compounds, you will be able you to continiously extrude a constant and homogenious colour on small(er) home extruders and pellet extrusion 3D printers.

Formfutura EasyFil™ PLA Dark Blue pellets are beautiful deep opaque ultramarine blue coloured. 3D printed objects in EasyFil™ PLA Blue will definitely have a royal, fresh and classy appearance.

Our EasyFil™ PLA pellets do not contain any hazourdas, or chemical substances. EasyFil™ PLA pellets are RoHS certified and REACH compliant. As a matter of fact our EasyFil™ PLA compound is even FDA food and drink contact approved.

EasyFil™ PLA pellets come in a 500ml jar, which contains approximately 400 grams of pellets.

Product details
Our EasyFil™ PLA pellets come in a 500ml plastic jar which is closed with a convenient sprinkle lid. The plastic jar is labelled with a full colour printed label and shrink-wrapped in plastic. Please see below for more details with respect to the weight and packaging of our EasyFil™ PLA pellets. 

Filament Net Weight: ± 0.4 Kg
Plastic Jar Volume: 500 ml
Plastic Jar Size (L x W x H): 70 mm x 70 mm x 150 mm
Packaged weight: 0.55 Kg

Colour: Blue (RAL ±5002)
Pellets Net Weight: ± 0.4 Kg
EAN: 8718924472835
Material: EasyFil™ PLA - Polylactic Acid
Processing Temperature: 200 - 210°C


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