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1. MyThings4u cares about the environment

MyThings4u cares about the environment and that's why we try to recycle all usable materials. Among other things, our shipping boxes and packing material.

It may be that your order is being shipped in a box that has been given a second life, or filled with material that has previously been used.

2. Do you provide SAMPLES?

Yes, provides samples of ± 50g of almost all filaments.

Open the filament of your choice and select -SAMPLE- (in the right menu) under "Spool size. You can order as many samples as you want.

3. How can I contact MyThings4U?

You can contact us in the following ways:

The contact-us web-form: click here

By E-mail: Or Click here

By telephone: +31 6 1798 6896 (monday to friday 12.00 - 20.00 hr)

4. Is MyThings4U concerned about the environment?

Mythings4U will always choose for the most sustainable solution.

This includes our choice of suppliers, filaments, packaging materials, etc.

All FormFutura filaments will be sent to you, directly from FormFutura Headquarters. Saving kilometers, money and environment.

Please read our full vision on sustainability:



In today’s world people have become, and still are becoming, more aware of the fact that we need to find a balance between our social- and economic welfare and the environmental impact of our welfare. Population- and economic growth have put pressure on the environment by overconsumption of natural resources. There needs to be a productive balance between our consumption of natural resources and economic/population growth. Sustainability is the way to find this balance. The principle of sustainability is that all elements that we need for our existence and welfare are (in)directly determined by our natural environment. Therefore we need to be in harmony with our environment in order to warrant the well-being of present and future generations. 



3D Printing & Sustainability


At MyThings4U we truly believe that desktop 3D printing can have a major contribution in creating a more sustainable society. Please see below some eye-openers with respect to the possibilities desktop 3D printing brings when it comes to sustainability. 


Less waste

 By making use of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), desktop 3D printers extrude the filament layer-by-layer onto the printer bed and the filament is fused together to build an object.  So, by making use of FFF technology desktop 3D printers built objects from nothing and by adding successive layers upon each other, meaning there is no waste of filament when creating an object, as opposed to more traditional mass fabrication methods where objects are carved or stamped out a larger piece of material.


Less emission of carbon dioxide (CO2)

 Desktop 3D printers take their input from digital computer aided design (CAD) files, which can be transferred electronically to any location in world. This makes it possible for objects to be printed out exactly where they are needed. This could potentially lower the emission of carbon dioxide significantly as products do not need to be shipped all over the world from the factory where they are produced to respectively distributers, wholesalers, local stores and eventually to the end-user.


One machine for all your creations

 A desktop 3D printer can make almost anything within the dimensions of the printer. So, only one machine is needed for making many different creations instead of creating specialized machinery for each object you want to make.


Repair & Upcycling

 Desktop 3D printing makes it possible for one to repair one’s utensils by printing a small part of the utensil that is not readily available from the manufacturer. This will increase the lifetime of a utensil which could have otherwise been thrown away. Think about parts of utensils as: the battery cover of your remote control, your cellphone cover, a button of your dishwasher, the handle of your washing machine, the hinge of your wardrobe, the cover of your electric housing, the ash-tray of your car, the lost sealing cap of your air mattress, etc…

Another sustainable opportunity which arises with desktop 3D printing is upcycling. Think about printing items which can add new functionalities to existing objects and by that extending the lifetime of those objects (especially for objects that you were about to throw away). 



3D Printing Filaments & Sustainability


Regardless of the filaments used, desktop 3D printing and its FFF technology can contribute to a more sustainable future. However, your choice of filament can also contribute to a more sustainable environment in the future. The two most common used thermoplastics for desktop 3D printing nowadays are ABS and PLA.

ABS (or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene in full) is a thermoplastic which, as its name implies, is produced by the polymerization of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. ABS is produced from fossil fuels, meaning that it is not biodegradable and has a greater environmental impact than PLA for instance.


PLA (or Poly-Lactic Acid in full) on the other hand is a thermoplastic which is extruded from the starch of plants, such as corn, cassava, sugarcane, cereals, or sugar beet. By being derived from biological resources this type of thermoplastic can be biodegradable under the right conditions (such as an active compost heap, with enough presence of oxygen) and therefore has a much lesser environmental impact than thermoplastics derived from fossil fuels. 


Both thermoplastics have their own specifics with respect to impact strength, density and melting temperatures, meaning that it is up to the user to decide which thermoplastic suits its design best. However, please always keep in mind that PLA has a lesser environmental impact and therefore, that whenever the situation occurs that both thermoplastic’s specifics are suitable for your design, PLA is always the most sustainable option.

5. Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, we do offer bulk discounts to companies, educational institutions, retailers/wholesalers and other kind of organisations using large quantities of ABS/PLA plastic filament.

Please contact us via and let us know your enquiry.

We do have a volume-based  business-to-business discounting pricing scheme available. Please input some information about your organization (incl. your registered tax and business number), the volume of filament you are generally using or planning to use, and perhaps something about the projects you are working on.

6. Waarom heb ik geen bevestiging van mijn bestelling ontvangen?

Na het afronden van uw bestelling verstuurt ons systeem automatisch een bevestiging naar het opgegeven email-adres.

Helaas komt het voor dat email van ons systeem als SPAM wordt gezien door uw internet provider. Wanneer het lijkt dat u geen bevestiging hebt ontvangen, controleert u dan s.v.p. de SPAM-box van uw email programma.

Vind u ook daar geen bevestiging, neem u dan s.v.p. contact met ons op via

7. Waarom krijg ik geen antwoord op mijn email?

Service en after-sales zijn uitermate belangrijk voor ons. Daarom reageren wij altijd binnen 24 uur op uw vragen.

In de praktijk is gebleken dat sommige internet-providers onze email onterecht als SPAM aanmerken. 

Wanneer u na 24 uur nog geen antwoord lijkt te hebben ontvangen, controleert u dan s.v.p. de SPAM-box van uw mail programma.

 Payment and Shipping
8. How can I pay for my order at MyThings4U?

You can pay for your order in the following ways:

Bank Transfer

  • You perform a manual Bank Transfer on our bank account. You will automatically receive the necessary details by email. Remember to mention the reference number.

iDEAL (via Mollie Payments) (Dutch Bank Accounts only!)

  • You can only pay using the iDEAL interface when you own a Dutch Bank Account!
  • When, while finalizing your order, you can choose how to pay, you choose iDEAL. In the next screen you can choose your personal bank.
  • Your transaction will be processed using a secure connection, directly to your bank.
    You automatically receive a payment confirmation.

Bancontact/Mister Cash (via Mollie Payments) (Belgian Bank Accounts only!)

  • You can only pay using the Bancontact interface when you own a Belgian Bank Account! When, while finalizing your order, you can choose how to pay, you choose Bancontact. Your transaction will be processed using a secure connection, directly to your bank.You automatically receive a payment confirmation.

SOFORT (via Mollie Payments) (German Bank Accounts only!)

  • You can only pay using the Bancontact interface when you own a German Bank Account! When, while finalizing your order, you can choose how to pay, you choose SOFORT. Your transaction will be processed using a secure connection, directly to your bank.You automatically receive a payment confirmation.

PayPal (also for Credit Card payments)

  • When, while finalizing your order, you can choose how to pay, you choose PayPal. In the next screen you can login to your PayPal account and accept the payment.
  • Even when you don't have a PayPal-account, you can use PayPal to pay for your order. Just click -Guest Login- in the lower right of the PayPal login-screen. After confirming some personal details, your order payment will be processed.
    You automatically receive a payment confirmation.

Credit Card

  • When you want to pay using your Credit Card, you choose PayPal as your preferred payment method in our shop.
  • If you already linked you Credit Card to your PayPal-account, this the easiest and fastest way to pay. By simply choosing PayPal to be you paymentmethod and, in the next screen, logging in to your PayPal-account, you can pay fast, secure and simple.
  • Even when you don't have a PayPal-account you can use PayPal to pay for your order. Just click -Guest Login- in the lower right of the PayPal login-screen. After confirming some personal details, your order payment will be processed.
  • You automatically receive a payment confirmation.

9. Stichting Mollie Payments, what's that?

Stichting Mollie Payments is our Payment Service Provider, the company that provides your payment method for us.

Stichting Mollie Payments provides a secure connection between you and your bank during the checkout process of your order. So you can be assured that your payment is processed safe and secure.

Also on the copy of your bank you will see as a beneficiary: Stichting Mollie Payments.

10. Bank overschrijving: ik ben de gegevens kwijt.

Voor bankoverschrijving naar MyThings4u gebruikt u de volgende gegevens:

Rekeninghouder: MYTHINGS4U
Bankrekening: NL INGB 0006 399 616

Vermeld ook uw bestelnummer. Heeft u dit niet (meer), vermeld dan uw naam en de datum van bestelling.

Dank u

11. How much are shipping costs?

At we strive to keep shipping costs and shipping times to a minimum. We are service-minded and always try to give our customers the best value for their money, meaning short delivery times and the lowest possible shipping costs.

We will never make a profit from our shipping.

12. Can I personally pick up my order?

Yes, you can also pick up your order at our warehouse.

Please choose option -Pickup in Nijmegen- during registration of your order.

You will receive a message when and where you can pickup your order in Nijmegen.

13. When is my order shipped?

If in stock and ordered before 15:00 pm, your order will be shipped the same working day. (Weekends and Holidays excluded)

In the exceptional case that (one of) your ordered items are out of stock you will receive a message as soon as possible.

Exceptions to the above are our Builder 3D printers, which are delivered to you directly from the manufacturer. Extending delivery period 1 to 2 days.

14. When will my order arrive?

All our shipments are provided by UPS.

You will receive a separate e-mail with trackingcode. So you will be able to see when your package is to be delivered.

Delivery times

We ship our products worldwide. Under normal circumstances we will ship orders within 1 working day, unless specified otherwise. Orders are shipped with UPS. Once we have delivered your order to UPS you will receive an email with tracking information.

Please see below overview with the indicated delivery times to European countries with UPS:

15. To which countries does MyThings4U ship?

MyThings4U ships your order by UPS to many European countries.

In case your Country isn't supported automatically, please contact us via

 Business to Business
16. Does MyThings4U also supply resellers?

Yes, MyThings4U regularly supplies to resellers.

Due to our excellent contacts with manufacturers we are able to supply your company our products at very attractive prices.

17. How can I become a corporate client of MyThings4U?

If you want to be a business customer of MyThings4U, create an account on our website. Then contact us via and email us your wishes.

We have a volume-based business-to-business pricing scheme available on our website.

Provide us information about your organization (incl. VAT and your Chamber of Commerce number), the volume of the items that you intend to buy and possible information about projects you're working on.

After verifying your information, your account will be adjusted. The prices on our website are now automatically updated to show our Business-to-Business rates and also excluding VAT.

18. EU Business Clients -> VAT Reverse Charge (0%)

EU Business Clients  → VAT Reverse Charge (0%)

If you are a EU-domiciled company, situated outside the Netherlands, and you do have a EU registered VAT number, then you will be able to purchase goods via the EU VAT Reverse Charge mechanism (0% VAT).

If you are an entrepreneur located outside the Netherlands, but inside the EU, then the EU Reverse Charge mechanism does apply to you. If you would like to purchase our goods via the EU VAT Reverse Charge Mechanism, then please register yourself as a “Business” type of customer and provide us with the required information, such as your registered VAT/TAX number.

After registering, we are obliged by EU Tax law to verify your registered VAT number before we can ship out your order.

After verification your status on our website will be changed, so all prices will be shown excluding VAT to you after you logon.
If you first fill your Cart and logon during checkout, prices will be corrected at that point.

In case you have any questions you can always contact us at We are more than happy to provide more detailed explanation about the EU VAT Reverse Charge mechanism.

 Voucher codes
19. Voucher Codes

Vouchers, which are valid for MyThings4U, represent a value, which can be exchanged during your order of filaments.

Enter the corresponding code, during the checkout process, in your shopping basket. The value of the voucher is automatically deducted from the total amount.

Voucher codes are provided by MyThings4U in case of special promotions and are, per person, valid for 1 (one) time and have a validity period of up to 1 (one) calendar year, unless otherwise stated, 

 About our Filaments
20. General

Our Materials

At MyThings4U we only sell the best quality 3D printer filaments and supplies available to our customers. Quality, consistency and innovation are the pillars of our business. We will only offer materials to our customers once they have been tested thoroughly and meet our strict quality standards.

Our FormFutura EasyFil™ PLA, ABS & HIPS filaments do not contain any hazardous or chemical substances. In fact, all our EasyFil™ filaments are RoHS certified and REACH compliant.

Filaments used for desktop 3D Printing

At MyThings4U we offer a wide variety of ABS, PLA and “Specialty” filaments. All our ABS, PLA and Specialty filaments are extruded with the latest technologies available, ensuring very tight tolerances with respect to the filament’s diameter and roundness.

All our filaments are available in 1.75mm and 3mm diameter and have their own set of unique characteristics.

Our quality standard

We at MyThings4U continuously strive to provide our customers with the best quality filaments available and deliver excellent customer service. Next to this we are continuously looking for the newest and most innovative filaments available for desktop 3D printing.

We must always strive for the best quality possible. That is why we only sell FormFutura filaments, which is extruded with extrusion lines which are solely developed and set up for the extrusion of 3D printer filament. This way all important parameters for extruding 3D printer filament can stabilised on an on-going basis, resulting in an extremely high and reliable quality standard with respect to our filament’s colours, printing quality and tolerances in diameter and roundness.

Although our filaments are already of outstanding quality, we will never stop looking for opportunities to improve our products and service. Next to our continuous journey to keep improving quality, we are also continuously looking to extend our product offering by adding new materials and colours.

We value our customer’s opinion greatly, because your feedback enables us to keep improving our products. Therefore we are always keen to receive your feedback on the quality of our filaments, our customer service, and our product offering, such as our materials, quantities, colours and colour-effects. Please do let us know if you would like us to add other materials, colours, or “special-effect” filaments to our shop. We will definitely look into your enquiry and explore the possibilities. Your enquiry won’t go unnoticed!

21. PLA filament
    • PLA filaments - We currently offer two types of PLA, our Premium PLA and our EasyFil™ PLA. Both our Premium PLA, as well as our EasyFil™ PLA are available in 1.75mm and 3mm diameter and are perfectly suitable for all FFF/FDM technology based desktop 3D printers. The main difference between our EasyFil™ PLA and Premium PLA series are the colours in which the filament is available and its transparency. Our coloured Premium PLA is in general slightly transparent, where our EasyFil™ PLA’s colour is usually opaque. Another difference between our Premium PLA and EasyFil™ PLA is the extrusion diameter of the filament. For more detailed specifications about our EasyFil™ PLA and Premium PLA, please also have a look at the “SPECIFICATIONS” tab in the designated product area of our website.

22. ABS filament
    • ABS filaments - As with the PLA filament we also offer two types of ABS; our Premium ABS and our EasyFil™ ABS. Both our Premium ABS, as well as our EasyFil™ ABS are available in 1.75mm and 3mm diameter and are perfectly suitable for all FFF/FDM technology based desktop 3D printers. We have several colours of ABS available in our ABS series. All our Premium and EasyFil™ ABS filaments come in opaque colours. For more detailed specifications about our EasyFil™ ABS and Premium ABS, please also have a look at the “SPECIFICATIONS” tab in the designated product area of our website.

23. ABSpro™
    • ABSpro™ is as hard and resilient as normal ABS, but has 30% less warp than normal ABS, as a result of which an excellent interlayer bonding can be obtained. This unique feature makes ABSpro™ perfect for printing large(r) objects.

24. Crystal Flex™
  • Crystal Flex™ is a heavy duty, translucent and yet flexible filament. Crystal Flex™'s transparency is being described as “plexiglass-like” as apparently Crystal Flex™ will let 91% of visible light pass through its fibre. Crystal Flex™ is as clear as Polycarbonate filament. This unique feature makes Crystal Flex™ extremely suitable for printing light-transmitting objects.

25. EasyCork™

EasyCork™ is a lightweight cork-filled PLA-based filament which is gravimetrically filled with approximately 30% cork fibres. The gravimetric filling with relatively lightweight cork fibres means that EasyCork™ has extremely high volumetric cork filling properties, allowing you to 3D print beautiful objects with great cork-like aesthetics and cork-like properties such as being lightweight and impact resistant.

EasyCork™ is available in a natural dark cork and light cork variant. Both colours are based on natural cork fillers which will give your printed object a “living” appearance with very subtle natural linings which can be reinforced by playing around with extrusion temperature variations during your 3D print.

EasyCork™ is a very easy to print material as it is based on our EasyFil™ PLA compound and the 30% gravimetrical filling with cork fibres make the filament absolutely warp-free. EasyCork™ has an excellent filament flowing behaviour allowing you to 3D print cork-like objects with high printing speeds. Certain geometric shapes can even be 3D printed with extremely high speeds.

26. EasyWood™

EasyWood™ is our newest wood filament. At the moment it's available as EasyWood™ Coconut - Dark Brown. EasyWood™ Coconut is a revolutionary 3D printer filament. EasyWood™ looks, feels and smells like real wood.  EasyWood™ Coconut is a unique mixture of 40% grinded coconut particles in combination with the modified and proven easy-to-print binding polymers used for our EasyFil™ filaments. This extraordinary blend has resulted in a high-end and unsurpassed “easy to print” tropical hardwood filament.

27. Flex EcoPLA
  • FlexiFil™ filament is a rubber-like 3D printer filament which allows you to print flexible objects, such as rubber machine parts, soft toys, flip-flops, and other rubbery items. FlexiFil™ opens doors to a whole new field of application when it comes to desktop 3D printing. FlexiFil™ is a flexible PLA 3D printer filament with a Shore hardness of 45D.

28. HDglass™

HDglass™ is our new amorphous , high strength and ultra-transparent modified PETG compounded 3D printer filament range. HD stands for “Heavy Duty”, as HDglass™ has excellent properties when it comes to strength, toughness and temperature resistance for same like materials. Next to being heavy duty, HDglass™ has a very impressive transparency as it is an amorphous filament, which lets 90% of the visible light pass through its fibre and has less than 1% haze. With HDglass™ you are now able to get the closest approximate to glass-like results for 3D printed objects.

Printing with HDglass™ filament is very easy and comfortable as it has a great thermal stability, and superb first- and interlayer adhesion and does not produce any odors during 3D printing. HDglass™ is a perfectly save material as it does not contain any hazardous substances, is Bisphenol A free, RoHS certified,  REACH compliant, and is even FDA food and drink contact approved. 

Because of its unique transparency and glossiness, the HDglass™ compound allows itself to be coloured in the most beautiful transparent and bright opaque colours. This same superb transparency and glossiness makes HDglass™ a perfect base material for adding thermal-, or  UV light sensitive colour effects.


HDglass™ color terminology

HDglass™ filaments are available in a wide variety of transparent, translucent, and opaque colors. The terminology used to indicate the HDglass™ color palette is as follows:


Color terminologyLevel of transparency/opaqueness
See ThroughTranslucent colored
StainedSlighty translucent colored

29. HIPS (High Impact PolyStyrene)
  • HIPS (High Impact PolyStyrene) - Polystyrene filament has very similar 3D printing characteristics to ABS thermoplastic filament in terms of impact strength and stiffness and it prints very nicely too. HIPS has a unique feature that it dissolves completely in Limonene, making HIPS filament particularly suitable as a support material for printing complex ABS structures.

30. LAYBRICK (Sandstone filament)
  • LAYBRICK (Sandstone filament) - With LAYBRICK you can print objects that look like sandstone. LAYBRICK is a mixture of milled chalk and harmless co-polyesters. The result of combining this unique mixture into a 3D printer filament is that LAYBRICK printed parts look and feel like (sand)stone, which makes this 3D printer filament extremely suitable for architecture models and landscapes.

31. LAYWOO-D3 (Wood filament)
  • LAYWOO-D3 (Wood filament) With LAYWOO-D3 you are able to print objects that look and smell like wood. LAYWOO-D3 filament is a mixture of 40% recycled wood with a binding polymer. This wood/polymer composite allows the filament to be printed just like thermoplastic filaments – such as ABS and PLA – but gives your creation a wooden-like appearance.

32. PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate)
  • PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) - PET in its original state is a colourless and crystal clear material. PET is fairly stiff, strong and impact-resistant. These characteristics make the material highly suitable for lightweight products.


POROLAY is the name of a brand new serie of 3D printer filaments. This new revolutionary line consist of foamy, felty filaments with a porous structure. With this filament you can build porous flexible objects. The POROLAY line consists of four different types of filaments: LAY-FELT, LAY-TEKKKS, LAY-FOMM (40 & 60) and GEL-LAY. LAY-FELT and LAY-TEKKKS are similarly felt-like materials, though LAY-TEKKKS is thinner and more fibrous. LAY-FOMM and GEL-LAY are foamy and gel-like respectively. The composition of the POROLAY filaments consist of two different materials; a functional component, for example an Elastomer (i.e. a rubberlike) and a soluble component (e.g. PVA, sugar, salt, or soluble resins). Note: the POROLAY filaments are specially designed for experimental use by experienced users.

34. Taulman 618 Nylon
    • Taulman 618 Nylon - Taulman 618 Nylon is specifically designed for 3D Printing applications where excellent surface bonding, reduced water absorption, tear resistance and dye absorption are combined in an easy-to-print line. Taulman 618 Prints as a bright natural to white with a translucent surface. It's possible to add colour with most common clothing dyes.

    • Taulman 645 Nylon - Taulman 645 Nylon is a 3D printer filament which is specially designed for 3D Printing purposes where excellent surface bonding, reduced water-absorption, tear-resistance and transparency are joined into a 1.75mm and 3mm 3D printer filament. Taulman 645 has remarkable characteristics when it comes to strength (St: 16,533 psi /114MPa), surface bonding, and durability (exp. elongation at break = 120%).

    • Taulman t-glase - Taulman T-Glase is a high-strength 3D printer filament specially designed for users that print mostly with PLA or lower temperature desktop 3D Printers. 

35. Thermochrome PLA
  • Thermochrome PLA - Thermochrome PLA is a modified PLA thermoplastic filament with a unique colour-changing characteristic when the material gets above 29°C. When the temperature of the material is below 29°C it will be opaque coloured. When the temperature gets above 29°C it the material will change into transparent.